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Explaining Cryosurgery and Why Is It Performed?

Cryosurgery is a surgical procedure using incredibly cold temperatures for destroying abnormal tissues like tumors in the body. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy at a temperature between – 346 ° Fahrenheit and -320° Fahrenheit instantly freezes everything coming into contact with it. Cryotherapy successfully destroys cells in the body upon contact, which is critical when doctors are targeting cancerous cells.

The most common use of cryosurgery is on tumors or precancerous lesions located on the skin. However, tumors inside the body can as well be treated using cryotherapy. Cryotherapy cervix, also known as cryoablation, is a procedure for removing abnormal cells in the cervix. The surgery is performed in the doctor’s office to remove all abnormal cells in one treatment. Advances in cryotherapy techniques have substantially reduced the long-term side effects earlier associated with the treatment. Additional research is needed on the long term side effects and effectiveness of cryotherapy.


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