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Acne & Skin Problems

Worried child

Although an infant’s skin is soft, it isn’t always blemish-free. If you look carefully at their facial skin when newborns are around two or three weeks of age, you may see what looks like tiny pimples or acne or skin problems on their faces.

What Causes Acne on Babies Skin?

It isn’t unusual for parents to find acne on babies less than six weeks old. The small breakouts usually appear on a baby’s face, especially on their cheeks and nose. However, it can also appear on the forehead, scalp, chin, neck, back, and chest.

While baby acne usually starts appearing about the age of two weeks old, babies can be born with it, but it usually clears up by the time they are six weeks old. Baby acne, which is known formerly as neonatal acne, usually goes away on its own and rarely leaves scars.

What is Infantile Acne?

When babies develop acne after six weeks of age, it is known as infantile acne. This type of skin condition starts at about three to six months of age. If it does develop that late, you should make an appointment with one of our pediatricians at Dr. Sayyed.

By examining your child, our doctors in Burr Ridge, La Grange, Hinsdale, Chicago, can make sure that:


  • The breakout is acne instead of a skin infection or eczema

  • Tests are run to rule out health problems

  • The acne doesn’t cause scarring

  • Tests are run to find out if the breakout is an allergic reaction

Skin Screening
Allergic Reaction

Treating Baby Acne

Your pediatrician at Lau Medical should diagnose the acne before you start treating it. Never use acne treatments or wash, instead allow the pediatrician near you in Burr Ridge, La Grange, Hinsdale, Chicago, diagnosis it and tell you how to treat it. Most pediatricians recommend that:

  • You’re gentle with your baby’s skin and don’t scrub the acne

  • When washing a baby, never use hot water, only lukewarm

  • Don’t use greasy or oily skincare products on your baby

If you find acne on your baby’s skin, keep track when it developed because, after six weeks of age, acne can indicate another skin or health problem. However, if it is only acne, taking care of your baby’s skin can reduce outbreaks.

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