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Sinus Infection


Sinus infection, otherwise known as sinusitis, is an inflammation of the tissues that line the sinuses. Inflamed sinuses are filled with fluid and germs, which can grow into an even bigger infection in the absence of timely intervention.

Different factors can trigger sinusitis. These include the common cold, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps, and a deviated septum. If you have any of these risk factors, you have a higher chance of developing a blockage in your sinuses, which results in a sinus infection.

There are different types of sinus infections. These include acute infections that occur when you have a cold, for instance. Acute sinusitis usually lasts two to four weeks on average. Sub-acute sinusitis is any sinus infection that lasts longer than four weeks but generally less than 12 weeks. Chronic sinusitis tends to last 12 weeks and more, while recurrent sinusitis occurs multiple times in a year.

Dr. Sayyed offers treatment for sinus infection in Burr Ridge, La Grange, Hinsdale, Chicago. We can provide the intervention you require to treat, manage, and overcome the discomfort of sinusitis.

Symptoms of Sinus Infection

You can quickly tell when you have sinusitis because of how you’ll be feeling. If your nose feels extremely stuffy or blocked, that’s your first sign that you may be developing a sinus infection. Other symptoms that are indicative of sinus infection include:

  • Facial pain

  • Loss of smell

  • Coughing

  • Bad breath

  • Fever

  • Fatigue

  • Postnasal drainage

  • A feeling of congestion or puffiness in your face

  • Runny nose

Sinus infections can make it difficult for you to breath, especially as you sleep. As such, many people with chronic sinusitis may become mouth breathers or wake up feeling fatigued after a night of interruptions thanks to compromised breathing patterns.

Our doctor in Burr Ridge, La Grange, Hinsdale, Chicago, will diagnose and treat your sinus infection, thus allowing you to resume a healthy life that’s free of pain and discomfort.


Diagnosis and Treatment

The type of treatment that our doctor recommends is dependent on the severity of your sinus infection. Dr. Sayyed offers the following types of treatments for sinus infections:

  • Decongestants

  • Saline nasal washes

  • Antibiotics

  • Steam therapy

  • Antihistamines, if allergies are the cause of your sinusitis

  • Steroids

  • Antifungal medication, if the doctor determines that a fungus is responsible for your sinus infection

Our doctor will also counsel you on ways to manage your sinusitis at home using tried and tested home therapies as well as incorporating lifestyle changes.

Don’t let a sinus infection prevent you from living a happy and productive life. Come to Dr. Sayyed and learn about the various treatments for sinus infection near you. We provide medical intervention for all types of sinus infections, including the one that you’ve been struggling with for years!

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