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Patient-centered care

Setting the benchmark

Dr. Sayyed values the importance of mutual trust in a patient-doctor healthcare partnership. With compassion, sincerity, humility, and respect, he works closely with his patients in a collaborative spirit. His goal is to help them navigate the pathway towards the best possible health and quality of life through shared decision making.


What if you had a personal health partner? Someone who understood you, knew your family, lived in your community, knew your passions, your worries, and your history. What if that person worked with you to keep you healthy. Helped make sure you were eating the right food, getting enough exercise, making good choices and when needed gave you support to make changes in your life to keep you healthy. 


What if when you were sick you had one place to go where someone could look at you, all of you figure out what’s wrong and give you the right care to get healthy again. What if that person had the training to care for you from the day you were born until the last day of your life, and the commitment to be your advocate on the best, and the worst of those days. What if they also have the knowledge and expertise to address not just one aspect of your health or one illness, or one organ but everything. From everyday illness to complex ongoing conditions that affect multiple areas of your life and what if they could coordinate with other doctors in the hospital when you needed additional care. What if they were staying current on the latest research and standards of care so that you have access to the best new treatments and innovations in health. This is what it means to have a family doctor. Research shows that patients who have a family doctor live longer healthier lives,  they are less likely to be hospitalized or die from chronic illness and they have a trusted partner that is dedicated to keeping them and their family healthy.


Raw Vegetables

more vegetables.

Dr. Sayyed is all about helping you feel better by eating better. To him, calories count, but not as much defining the relationship between you, your hunger and what it takes to feel satisfied. Nutrition is always something I’ve been passionate about. I found focusing on specific diets does not work very well. I prefer to help my patients understand how to eat balanced meals and think about foods as a way to nourish themselves, not good versus bad, but just how to be healthy. Since I love fitness, I also enjoy helping my patients learn about weight training, becoming stronger. Gaining lean mass is the best way to reduce glucose (sugar) from the blood and back to your muscles (storage house). As a result your pancreas is not overworked. 

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