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Heartburn Relief


Heartburn is a common and uncomfortable condition involving acid reflux, whereby acidic stomach contents are forced into the esophagus. The result is often a burning or searing pain, which usually happens after you’ve had a meal. When heartburn is persistent, frequently occurring more than twice a week, it is then known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.

GERD is a digestive order which is characterized by severe heartburn. Pregnant women, people with obesity, and heavy smokers are at high risk of developing gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Frequent heartburn can be incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful. If you’re experiencing heartburn in Burr Ridge, La Grange, Hinsdale, Chicago, book an appointment with Dr. Sayyed to get the relief that you need to carry on with your regular life without acidic interruptions.

When Should You See a Doctor?

Many people experience heartburns on an occasional basis. Sometimes, it’s as a result of the type of food you’ve eaten. Certain foods, such as spicy and fatty foods, increase your chances of developing heartburn. Eating large meals then lying down immediately after a meal can also lead to heartburn. In such instances, the heartburn may be easily managed using over-the-counter medications.

In some cases, however, there’s a need for a doctor’s intervention. Book an appointment with our doctor in Burr Ridge, La Grange, Hinsdale, Chicago, if any of the symptoms below apply to you:

  • You have heartburn on more than two occasions every week

  • Over-the-counter medications cannot seem to address your symptoms

  • You’re feeling nauseous or have been vomiting

  • You’re finding it increasingly difficult to swallow

  • You’ve lost your appetite and your weight


What Happens During Your Appointment?

Here at Dr. Sayyed, one of our main objectives is to determine whether you have GERD. Our doctor will perform various tests, including an ambulatory acid test and endoscopy to check for symptoms that are indicative of GERD. Depending on the outcome of the tests, our doctor may recommend antacids or acid blockers. Acid blockers act less quickly in comparison to antacids, but the relief lasts longer.

Our doctor will also counsel you on behaviors you can adopt in your lifestyle to lower your susceptibility to heartburn. Several of the things you can do to reduce your occurrence of heartburn include eating several smaller meals instead of one large one, giving yourself sufficient time between dinner and bedtime, cutting back on cigarettes and alcohol, and keeping off foods that trigger heartburn.

Are you looking for relief for heartburn near you? Call Dr. Sayyed today to book an appointment.

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