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Stress Management

Stressed Man

At Dr. Sayyed, we fully comprehend the toll stress exerts on our daily lives. As the demands of our lives increase, so does stress. Knowing how to handle that stress and channel it into more useful energy is something we can help you with here at Dr. Sayyed, Burr Ridge, La Grange, Hinsdale, Chicago.

Stress is something we always hear about, but very few people know enough about it. The complications and negative effects aren’t talked about enough. At Dr. Sayyed, our goal is to help you learn about the hazards of stress then show you how to deal with it, so it doesn’t affect you or your health.

Health Effects of Stress

Stress has effects on the entire body. Those who experience the most stress can constantly feel fatigued and have difficulty sleeping, which makes matters worse. Hypertension and diabetes have also been linked to death.

The problem with these diseases is that managing becomes more difficult in people with high-stress levels. In the long run, they have serious complications affecting the vessels, nerves, heart, and brain.

It’s a vicious circle. Once you feel stressed, your performance dips. After that, you become even more stressed because you’re not doing the things you need to do. Knowing how to break that chain is a crucial skill that we all need to learn.


Stress Management

People who don’t learn how to cope and deal with stress can have very difficult lives. What we try to achieve is to teach you ways to cope with the stress, that work quickly and last you your entire life. We can perform acupuncture, meditation, and chiropractic treatments.

These all help your body relax and ease your mind. By making your body and mind more relaxed, the stress will start to fade away over time. You might feel like it’s a lot of work, but taking care of your stress levels as early as possible is important.

The sooner you control your stress, the fewer complications you’ll develop. We can help you achieve that at Dr. Sayyed. After a few visits, you’ll feel much better, and your quality of life will be noticeably better. The hardest step is always the first.

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