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Medicare Wellness Exam


The Medicare wellness exam is something that can take place once every 12 months. At Dr. Sayyed in Burr Ridge, La Grange, Hinsdale, Chicago, we can perform these exams. If you’re on Medicare part B, you get to visit a healthcare professional once every 12 months for a preventive visit to make sure everything is good.

What’s so great about these visits is that they’re free, but you only get one every 12 months. Additional visits will likely have to be paid for out of pocket. If you’re looking for a Medicare wellness exam in Burr Ridge, La Grange, Hinsdale, Chicago, we can help you here at Dr. Sayyed.

What Is Included in the Visit

According to Medicare’s website, certain things are included in this visit. Any items beyond this list won’t be performed. Anything that’s on the list will need to be performed by the healthcare professional seeing you.

During each visit, you’ll be screened for vaccinations like the flu and pneumococcal shots. Everyone is advised to get the flu vaccine in the early winter of each year. Not all people need the pneumococcal vaccine, but it’s required for some people due to certain health risks.

We’ll also calculate your body mass index and perform a simple vision test. If any of these are abnormal, then we’ll direct you on what to do next. Your level of depression and overall safety will also be assessed during the Medicare wellness exam.


How to Prepare for the Visit

There’s not much that you need to do to prepare for your Medicare wellness exam. Just call your healthcare professional and let them know that you want to schedule your annual visit. You’ll need to bring a few things with you to the appointment.

These include your medical records, which should, of course, contain immunization records. You’ll also want to know your family history of medical diseases as we, or anyone else performing the exam, will ask for it.

Finally, it’s recommended that you bring with you a list of all the drugs and vitamins you’re taking. The evaluation of the medications a patient takes is very important, and something we focus on here at Dr. Sayyed.

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